Preschool Curriculum Night

Each year at Preschool Curriculum Night, teachers provide an opportunity for parents to reflect on who their children are and to gain a hands-on understanding of the educational and learning experiences at PKS.

With the same nurturing and joy embodied in our mission and experienced in our classrooms, we involve parents in the cycle of inquiry through small group activities that provide an experience similar to their child’s: focusing on a task, planning, collaborating, trying something different and new, and reflecting and learning together.

Teachers illustrate the strategies they use with children – observation, small group investigation, and introducing the Mandarin language through concrete experiences. While each classroom project differs, many of the activities this week were born out of the children’s interests as observed by their teachers; parents then brought their talents and ideas, and the resulting projects will be presented back to the children as provocation for their investigation - and a thoughtful “gift” to their child’s community of friends.