Presidio Knolls Elementary Program

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We provide our K-5 students a rich, authentic, and rigorous curriculum through the lens of meaningful experience, dialogue, and inquiry-based learning in both Mandarin Chinese and English.

We continually seek new ways to challenge and inspire our students with a course of study that encourages them to ask questions, deepen their understanding, think critically, and explore what matters to them.

Our teachers are creative collaborators who help students build higher-level thinking and find connections between the classroom and the real world. Learning at PKS is about engagement and connection, responding to the individual strengths and needs of each student, and growing together in a supportive environment.

Units of Exploration (UoEs)

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Our progressive curriculum centers around four Units of Exploration (UoEs) that each last 6-8 weeks, and a self-directed Wonderworks unit.

Each UoE incorporates work in two languages with a focus on inquiry, literacy, science, math, and social studies. Art, music, and other connected curriculum components are integrated when possible, but are also covered in independent, subject-specific lessons.

The Wonderworks unit offers students an opportunity for independent, self–directed inquiry. Students pursue a personal passion, develop it into a tangible project, and then share their newfound knowledge with their classmates and parents.

Read more in our curriculum guide.

Elementary school culminates with a fifth grade trip to China where students deepen and extend their academic work. Through travel, students develop a rich sense of the country and get a chance to authentically use Mandarin to complete tangible projects. International travel continues throughout middle school, with the goal of completing a homestay during eighth grade.