Introducing the Orsini Library

Take a tour of the newly-established English and Chinese Orsini Library, promoting dual-language literacy at Presidio Knolls.

After only a year, the Orsini Library has doubled its previous collection and now holds almost 3000 Chinese and English titles! This was made possible by the powerhouse team of volunteers at Presidio Knolls, led by parents Vivian Looi and James Huff. Their efforts have made it possible for all children level P2 to Grade 4 to regularly borrow books and integrate library time into their weekly curricula.

Although the Library continues to grow rapidly, this year has been momentous in establishing a place for all PKS students to have quick access to educational reading material. The children will miss their regular walks to the Civic Center Library, but it's hard to beat having books to check out right on campus!

In the fall the Library organized a stellar all-Chinese book fair through which they were able to raise money for new books and classroom materials. The fair was organized by Little Monkey and Mouse book shop and hosted in Pioneer Hall (one of our Elementary buildings).

PKS volunteers have also spearheaded the Books for Birthdays gift program, through which parents have donated over 300 titles to the Library. Parents are encouraged to donate a book in honor of a child on their birthday. The book is then inscribed with the child’s name and class.

The Library has become a central location for parent volunteers, providing many opportunities to get involved at school and assist with the Library. Volunteers have helped in all phases of operations including cataloging books, wrapping books, circulation, and most importantly reading to children.

In addition to the influx of books this year, the Library volunteers have also implemented powerful library management software to facilitate future development and provide intranet-based access to popular Chinese book reading videos and other applications.

Nearing the end of the aftercare program around six o’clock, you will almost always find the oldest Elementary students, the third and fourth graders, scattered around the Library with books open in front of them. After coming back inside from recess in the back lot they choose the Library for some quiet free reading. Some kids are cozied up in bean bag chairs and others are nestled around some pillows, all leafing through pages. It’s a great indicator of how our students choose to spend their free time, especially now that there is an inviting, book-filled cozy area known as the Orsini Library.

In an immersion environment, it is important to have the tools to strengthen reading and writing skills in both languages. As we continue to build out our amazing program, the Library has become a central location to foster this growth.

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