Generous 乐善好施

Last week, our students began their next Habit of Character study. In November, we are focusing on being generous (乐善好施).

Students will explore generosity in deeds, spirit, and the manner in which they approach others, especially in day-to-day play. We will learn that we are generous in small ways when we give to each other, and also when we work to understand perspective and assume positive intentions. We will learn that generosity is enhanced when we take part in acts that support others in many different ways.

Many families hold special traditions of giving back at this time of year. Recently one of our second grade students reflected on what she might do to help the homeless. She approached our Head of School with a plan to sell baked goods to hungry staff members in the morning, in order to raise funds to be donated. The student independently organized, advertised, and baked the goods for the special day. On the day of the bake sale, she arrived early, and as each person made a purchase, her excitement grew; the process was empowering for her. 

There are many small acts of generosity that sow the seeds for future philanthropy. Through our progressive curriculum, we empower students to think about ways they can make an impact-- donating clothes or toys, contributing funds to charity, or simply writing a card to say thank you to someone who has been kind.

Thank you to all PKS families for your generosity to our school and community!

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