Habits of Character

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To kick off the 2016-2017 school year, we are presenting a series of posts about the PKS approach to learning. The third installment features our school’s Habits of Character. Read the first installment (progressive education) and second installment (Mandarin education).

To promote strong social-emotional connections and mindfulness at PKS, we look for ways to intentionally build “habits of character” in our students. Our Habits of Character were developed through ongoing collaboration among students, teachers, and staff at PKS; they are traits we hope our children will grow to value and incorporate into their lives.
Each month we focus on building a particular habit across the entire school. In September, for example, we focused on being responsible (有责任感). In October, we are focusing on being independent (独立自主).
In preschool, teachers build Habits of Character lessons into daily play, art, music, and discussions with children. In the elementary school, students role-play with teachers, discuss how to apply Habits of Character at school and at home, and look for ways to acknowledge good Habits of Character in peers. We also welcomed a guest lecturer to discuss our environmental responsibilities to the planet Earth.  

PKS Habits of Character
PKS students are...
We take ownership of our work, our belongings, and our actions, especially when we make a mistake.
We are capable of thinking and acting for ourselves, according to what we know to be true and right.
We think carefully to consider many different ideas and ways to solve a problem and to make choices and decisions.
We act with integrity, truthfulness, and justice.
BRAVE 勇于冒险
We stand up for what is right when we see an injustice, and we approach new experiences, changes, and challenges with courage.
We stick with a challenge and work to find new ways to solve problems; we don't give up when we meet obstacles.
We consider others and show kindness, respect, and empathy for those around us in our actions and words.
We find ways to include others in learning and in play; we share. We deepen our learning by working together.
We look outside ourselves to find ways to make the world around us better through service and actions. We give more of ourselves than is expected.
We make connections with people and places around our community and our world to understand ourselves and others.

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