Re-envisioning the Elementary Specialist Programs

A key area of focus this year has been on re-envisioning the specialist programs going forward, and more specifically, how to more intentionally attend to the whole child and create opportunities for students to engage deeply, fully, and frequently with the sciences, arts, and holistic wellness practices.

Meet Our New 2019-2020 Trustees!

The Board of Trustees is delighted to announce the naming of three new Trustees to the Board, who begin their term on July 1, 2019. Each has shown leadership in our community, and we are grateful for their commitment to PKS, and for their time and expertise, as we continue growing our school together.

Sex, Drugs, and…Thomas the Train

We were pleased to host Charis Denison once again for a recent PKS学习 event. Each year when she visits, we take a moment revisit our approach to what used to be called “sex ed.” Schools like ours base this part of the curriculum on research that shows that “the biological, cultural, and ethical components of ‘sex ed’ must be part of a holistic effort to help each child develop an integrated, confident sense of self.”

Thinking Outside our Classrooms: A Day of Peer Learning

One of our main goals at PKS is to foster a lifelong passion for learning and exploration, not only among our students but also among our parents, faculty, and staff. A few weeks ago, however, the pedagogical team wanted to try something innovative and engaging to provide our faculty and staff with a different type of professional development (PD) opportunity; something we call “Pinterest Live” or “Old School Pinterest.”

Our Preschool Faculty - Leaders and Learners

One of the key things that makes PKS such a special place are our teachers. They are warm, caring, and love to learn alongside their students. PKS supports our teachers and encourages them to attend conferences and seminars that will help them grow as educators. We are also proud that, even while we maintain a growth mindset and continue learning, our teachers have tremendous expertise and are well-regarded by educators from the progressive early childhood education field.

Published Authors!


During their first grade year, three PKS classmates created a story called “Friends in the Arctic” as part of their shadow show project.

The story follows a group of friends who live in the Arctic. One day, they are unexpectedly sucked into a black hole and need to make their way home. By working together, they find a diamond that helps them escape and return to the Arctic.

After the project was complete, Sinan Laoshi submitted this story, along with several others, to “Xiao Pi Pa”, the only Chinese language children’s magazine circulated throughout North America.

We are proud to share that “Friends in the Arctic” was recently selected for publication. Congratulations Arjun, Jaclyn, and Lucas on being published authors, and to Jaclyn for her beautiful illustrations!