Donation Options

PKS offers a variety of individually-tailored gift options that provide convenience and flexibility. These gifts will support essential programs at the school, and help ensure that PKS can build and grow. Contributors often find that tax advantages enable them to make a significantly larger gift to PKS than they had thought possible, so please contact us if you have questions.

While outright gifts are most immediately helpful to PKS, donors may make a contribution in a variety of ways. Many of these offer substantial tax, estate planning, and other financial benefits.

Cash Gifts

Using our online donation processor or writing a check to PKS is a simple and direct way to contribute. Such direct contributions entitle you to a tax deduction for the full amount of the gift. 


You may prefer to schedule payments for a variety of reasons. Pledges are especially helpful as we undertake our building planning process. You can pledge by contacting us at (415) 202-0770.

Appreciated Securities

Gifts of securities can be beneficial to both you and PKS. Your tax advisor can offer more details, or contact us at to schedule a conversation.

Matching Gifts

A company or foundation that matches gifts can often double or triple contributions to PKS. Learn about your company's policies and maximize your ability to help PKS grow.


Benefit PKS when you shop on Amazon! With little effort on your part, you can benefit PKS by doing your regular online shopping. Start your browsing at this special Amazon link.

Books for Birthdays

Visit the Orsini Library on the PKS campus to find out how you can buy a book for the PKS library through our “Books for Birthdays” Program.

Photo: John Lee