Capital Campaign

Because Presidio Knolls is a new school, we have been and will continue to build on our property to support our growing student population. 

The first phase of renovation and construction occurred between 2011 to 2015. Two major buildings were seismically upgraded and renovated to become suitable for school use. The current elementary school building and Pioneer Hall were built out into classrooms and a multi-use open space/gymnasium, yielding 16,800 square feet of space for the school. These buildings now house our kindergarten to fourth grade classes. This construction was entirely financed by more than $7.5 million in donations from the school community. 

In 2016, we purchased the full Presidio Knolls School campus, and we are now embarking on the second phase of renovation and construction, which will continue through the Fall of 2019. As part of this phase, we will upgrade the building facing Howard Street and renovate it into classrooms over the course of school year 2016-17. Next, we will build an entirely new two-story building at the base of the campus to house preschool through second grade classes, along with a rooftop playground. This will yield an additional 30,000 square feet of space for the school, including the playground.  

We have just commenced a new capital campaign to raise $18 million to fund this second phase of construction. We expect all families who did not contribute to the first phase to take part in this new campaign to their ability in order to build the future classrooms for their children. This campaign is already off to a very strong start. 

The final stage of construction will yield a new 27,000 square foot, three-story building facing 10th Street, completing our vision for PKS.

Photos: parent volunteers and John Lee