Middle School Admissions

We look forward to getting to know you. If you have not done so already, please fill out our admissions inquiry form. Our middle school admissions process has five required steps that begin in September of each year.

We will consider middle school applicants with sufficient Mandarin reading/writing and speaking skills to join a current class.

Process and Timeline 

1. Submit Your Application Form Online.

The online application, including a $100 fee, must be submitted by January 10, 2019 at 10:00am (Pacific time). Please call or email the admissions office if you are experiencing hardships paying the fee. We suggest applying early to have your choice of dates for the student class visit, student interview, and parent interview. 

2. Schedule a Campus Visit and Student Interview. 

Campus visits provide an opportunity for the student to meet and interact with our teachers and other similar age students in a classroom setting. These visits are mandatory for admissions and take place in January and February. Once you have submitted an application online, you will receive an email with instructions on how to sign up online for a campus visit. Similarly, to assess the student's familiarity with Mandarin, an informal interview with a Mandarin teacher will be required. But relax! It's more of a chat than anything else. The interview will take place the day of the student's campus visit.

3. Register for an online AAPPL assessment.  

Another data point that we use to assess a student’s proficiency in Mandarin is the AAPPL. The AAPPL assesses the following modes of communication: Interpersonal Listening/Speaking, Presentational Writing, and Interpretive Reading and Listening. More information can be found here. Once the student has completed the campus visit and interview, the admissions office will email instructions on taking the AAPPL assessment.

4. Sign up for a Parent Interview. 

The parent interview is a 30-minute meeting with the Director of Admissions, and it gives us a chance to meet with prospective parents individually. Once you have submitted an application, you will receive an email with instructions upon submitting the online application on how to sign up online for a parent interview. Interviews are conducted between October and February.

5. Submit a Confidential Evaluation Form and Student Records Release Form From your Child’s Current School.  

Please download the 2nd Grade - 8th Grade Teacher Evaluation Form and the Student Records Release Form. Evaluations can mailed to our address or scanned and emailed to pks.admissions@presidioknolls.org.

Admissions decisions will be sent March 21, 2019.

2018-2019 Age Cutoff

6th grade: 11 by Aug 1, 2019 or completion of 5th grade and assessment. We will consider elementary applicants with sufficient Mandarin reading/writing and speaking skills to join a current class.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Read the Frequently Asked Questions about our Middle School.

For More Information

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Please email pks.admissions@presidioknolls.org or call us at (415) 202-0770 if you have any questions.

Photos: parent volunteers and John Lee