Connected Curriculum

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Our connected curriculum provides our students with the opportunity to engage as deeply with the sciences, arts, and holistic wellness as they do academically through their elementary school Units of Exploration (UoEs) and middle school projects.

In our Reggio Emilia-inspired preschool program, our students regularly engage in dance, play, art, and movement, giving them plenty of ways to communicate in the “100 languages”.

In elementary school, our connected curriculum ensures students make, move, and create. Each day our K-5 students participate in two periods of outdoor recess, a 30-40 minute movement/mindfulness class, and one of four specialist classes that last an entire quarter, allowing them to engage deeply.

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The four specialist classes are:

  • Maker/Science Lab, which helps our students develop their creativity, build concrete scientific and engineering skills, learn how to grow from failure, create new inventions, and learn design thinking and the scientific process.

  • Performing arts based off the Orff Approach that combines music, movement, drama, and speech. The quarter ends with a student performance.

  • Visual arts which gives PKS students the chance to not only make art, but also to appreciate art and grow social-emotionally through art.

  • Multimedia which encourages a love of literature and story-telling while addressing ideas like digital citizenship, information, media, and technology literacy.

As our students get older, they are given an opportunity to choose their own courses of study. Students in the PKS middle school choose one Making and one Movement/Mindfulness elective every two quarters, with each class meeting twice a week for an hour each session.


Making electives help middle school students build concrete artistic or engineering skills, develop a growth mindset, are rich in feedback, and may involve getting messy, making the world a better place, or building an innovative product or piece of art. Possible electives include studio art, robotics, knitting, and school publications.

Movement/Mindfulness classes give students the chance to be physically active and attuned to the ways their minds and bodies are interwoven, integrating social emotional learning, fitness, and health. Possible movement/mindfulness electives include ball sports, dance, yoga, geocaching, and service learning.