Welcome Back!


Dear PKS community:

Wow! What fun it has been for me to greet you and your children these past days! Thank you, xiè xiè, for your warm words of welcome. As I visit classrooms and play spaces I see students who are active, happy learners, who have experienced a warm, safe welcome at PKS.

Yes, there were a few tears shed as there are on most first days. But I'm sure those weeping parents were just fine by the time they got home!

The big headline, though, is the magnificent new rectory building that was completely renovated this summer, and the adjacent play space and "beach quality" sandbox nearby. Those of you with students in these six new classrooms (Grades K-2) know first-hand how generous in size and well-appointed the new rooms are. I encourage you to come see how a three-year process of envisioning, planning, collaborating, investing and bringing this dream to reality has come to fruition. The PKS community should feel justifiably proud.

Lastly, we send our heartfelt wishes to some of our PKS families and their extended families, who are in Texas. We look forward to welcoming you home.

Judy Fox
Interim HOS, 2017-2018