Construction Updates

Construction permit received and posted!

Construction permit received and posted!


May 2018

We are gearing up for an exciting new chapter in PKS life! We received our building permit to begin construction on the new Front Entrance U-Wing Building, which is expected to begin in June! 

As you know, we'll be bidding farewell to the classrooms and administrative offices in the front elementary building and those adjacent to the tent in the preschool building. What this means, of course, is that our campus configuration for next year will be different. 

In terms of our students' experience, there will be minimal changes in the preschool, except for a new entry point to the preschool campus. Elementary students will have English and some specialists push in programs to their homeroom classrooms, while Pioneer Hall will be largely used for recess and PE time, with a small area set aside for Art, Music and library activities.