Mission + Values

Presidio Knolls School (PKS) is an independent school currently serving preschool through seventh grade, innovating at the intersection of progressive education and Mandarin immersion. We are located in the vibrant SoMa neighborhood of San Francisco, California.


Our mission is to nurture the young heart and mind in a joyful learning environment, where the convergence of progressive education and Mandarin immersion ignites curiosity, connectedness, and engagement in the world.


Our Values

We are a community of learners guided by a set of core values known as our Habits of Character. We expect students to act with honesty and integrity in all their actions, and to take responsibility for their work and behavior in ways that reflect these core values.

We are RESPECTFUL - We value each other and ourselves. We show this by treating others with care, tending to our communities, and working to understand and appreciate our differences.

We are RESPONSIBLE - We take ownership for our work, our belongings and our actions, especially when we make a mistake. We are capable of thinking and acting for ourselves, according to what we know to be true and right.

We are RESILIENT - We stick with a challenge and work to find new ways to solve problems; we don’t give up when we meet obstacles. We are willing to get outside our comfort zones.

We are COLLABORATIVE - We find ways to include others in learning and in play; we share. We deepen our learning by working together.

We are GLOBALLY MINDED - We make connections with people and places around our community and our world to understand ourselves and others. We are strengthened by our differences and we celebrate diversity.

We are CARING - We consider others and show kindness, compassion and empathy for those around us in our actions and words. We look outside ourselves to find ways to make the world better through service and actions. We are generous and we give more of ourselves than is expected.

We are REFLECTIVE - We think carefully to consider many different ideas and ways to solve a problem and to make choices and decisions. We are flexible thinkers.