PKS at a Glance

  • Founded in 2008, PKS currently supports students in preschool through sixth grade. Read more about our history.

  • Our leadership team brings a wealth of expertise in Mandarin immersion and progressive learning. 

  • Our preschool program consists of three preschool levels, with two classes per level. Learn more.

  • Our elementary school is adding one grade per year, with our pioneer class now in the sixth grade. By 2020, we will have a full preschool through eighth grade school. Learn more.

  • We were founded on progressive principles and continue to pursue our mission to provide a robust progressive education to our students. Learn more

  • Our students develop into highly proficient bilingual and biliterate communicators with an appreciation for Chinese culture. Learn more

  • We have low student-teacher ratios: 4 to 1 in the P1 preschool classrooms, 8 to 1 in the P2 and P3 preschool classrooms, and approximately 10 to 1 in the elementary school. We will maintain this ratio in the Middle School.

  • We are diverse: our student population is approximately 38% multiracial, 25% Chinese-American, 25% Caucasian, 2% Latino, and 10% other.

  • We have 38 co-teachers, 8 teaching specialists, 19 teaching assistants and part-time teachers, and 18 members of our administrative team. Over 95% of our full-time faculty have advanced degrees. Meet our teachers and administrators

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Presidio Knolls School is set in an urban oasis in one of the sunniest pockets of San Francisco. Natural light-filled indoor spaces are designed to foster exploration and creativity, and large tree-lined outdoor spaces give children room to roam. With approximately 1.5 acres of space, we have one of the biggest independent school campuses in San Francisco.

Photos: parent volunteers and John Lee