9th Annual PKS Chinese New Year Celebration

It’s 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, February 4. Dozens of parent volunteers are buzzing around campus, rushing to put up the final decorations for the daylong celebration. Photo booth props are laid out to the sound of the band tuning their instruments, a string of flags is pinned up under the main tent, and Master Leo’s lion costumes sit waiting to be brought to life.

Teacher Profile (Xi Song)

When I was little, I was a very active kid. I always wondered about things and was always asking “what if” and “why.” I remember I would just go out and play in nature since we lived very close to a stream and a big hill, and I was so fascinated by those living plants and creatures. I kept asking questions about them. Later, when I could read more, I found answers to many of my questions. I think that was my first inquiry-based learning, and although it was not a full experience, it still has helped me shape my learning habits.

Technology at PKS

Technology is the Bay Area’s signature industry, but at PKS, technology takes its cues from our educational mission, philosophy, and organizational needs. Last year, the school embarked on an initiative to build a 3-year technology roadmap. That roadmap started with the PKS mission: “to inspire and empower creative, confident, and engaged global citizens to lead and contribute in a future filled with challenge and possibility.”

Second Graders and “My City” (我的城市)

The two PKS second grade classes kicked off the year with an exciting dive into their own habitat: San Francisco. The 我的城市 (“My City”) unit of exploration encouraged them to ask and answer big questions: What is a city? What does it take for people to live together and get along? What infrastructure is critical to keeping a community peaceful? What are the biggest problems in San Francisco?