K-8 School Program at a Glance

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Kindergarten through 4th grades in Fall 2016
Additional grades to be added each subsequent year until 8th grade
10:1 student/teacher ratio or better
Extended care available



For 2016-2017 Kindergarten enrollment, children must be 5 years old by August 1, 2016 to apply. No previous Mandarin experience is required.

For 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades, children require sufficient Mandarin proficiency to comfortably enter the program.

Academic Approach

We seek to challenge students with a rich and rigorous curriculum relevant to the group and responsive to individual strengths and abilities. We inspire students to:

Learn through direct experience and hands-on exploration that taps into natural curiosity
Work collaboratively with peers to communicate, negotiate, problem solve and create
Take risks in a challenging, supportive environment
Engage with the broader community through service learning projects, field trips, guest experts and correspondence with local and global neighbors

Students will acquire the essential skills of reading, writing, mathematics, effective communication and problem solving, and will use technology in support of this learning. They will tap into their creative potential through the arts and find joy in play and movement. Students will develop good study habits based on an understanding of their own learning styles.

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Learning Through Interaction

PKS understands that different children have different styles of learning and interacting. Our teachers encourage students to explore their individual interests and to think independently and critically, while also collaborating in teams. The curriculum uses a topic-based approach, combining individual and group projects to give children the opportunity to better understand key concepts, as well as the ways they and others think about our world.

Meaningful Language Immersion

Unlike traditional Mandarin-immersion models, the PKS program instills a deeper understanding and appreciation of Chinese language through inquiry based units of exploration, all of which are conducted in Chinese. By learning and using language for authentic purposes, chiefly through the units of inquiry, students don’t just study language. They live it. From kindergarten up to grade 5, subjects are taught in Mandarin except for one English class per day and some specialist classes. In grades 6-8, students continue to study Chinese language and social studies in Chinese. Math and science are taught in English.

In grade 5, accompanied by a parent, students attend their first trip to China which includes a homestay and school attendance for one week and another week of working more exclusively on their grade 5 project on Chinese life and culture.

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